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What is Car-Part Pro?

Car-Part Pro (by is a safe auto parts market designed for the professional repair industry. You choose the parts and services you want, and Car-Part Pro returns only those sellers and parts that meet your criteria. Car-Part Pro is available exclusively for body shops, insurance appraisers, mechanical shops, third-party administrators, and Car-Part Gold recyclers. It simplifies the process of finding quality recycled parts by:
  • Minimizing cycle time with accurate local delivery dates
  • Finding the correct part for the vehicle with Car-Part's exclusive SmartVin™ technology
  • Allowing you to specify services including warranties, recycler certifications, and delivery
  • Displaying all-inclusive pricing that includes your warranty and local delivery preferences
  • Helping you locate quality parts and reputable sellers with Car-Part Certification levels, buyer feedback ratings, and ARA Damage Codes
  • Increasing the number of parts available to your area with recycler distribution networks
  • Providing the opportunity to communicate with dealers in real-time with our integrated Live Service™ feature
  • Returning results from our database of 190 million parts and 4,500 recyclers
Want to know more? Call us at 859-344-1925 to speak to a Car-Part Pro expert about how Car-Part Pro can fit into your workflow, saving you time and money.