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Frequently Asked Questions

What are green parts?
Green auto parts are kind to the Earth and your bottom line. When a vehicle has become inoperable, auto recyclers dismantle the vehicle and remove parts that are still good and usable. These recycled auto parts can be 30%-70% less costly than new parts, and they also decrease the demands you place on the planet – recycling just one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. When you opt to buy green, you also save our environment from the harmful side effects of mining, such as energy consumption, water pollution, and the release of methane gas.

Why Car-Part Pro?
Car-Part Pro was developed by, which is the largest recycled auto parts marketplace in the world. serves 10 million searches a month, and our database includes 150 Million parts from over 4,400 auto recyclers. provides industry-leading software and services to these recyclers, and this unique position gives us insight into each individual business's inventory and policies. We use this insight to fill Car-Part Pro with rich and accurate data about delivery times, warranties, part quality, recycler certifications, and other service level information.

How do I begin a new search from the results screen?
  • To begin a totally new search on a new vehicle, click the Home button from the top menu.
  • If you simply wish to refine your search criteria, use the drop-down boxes at the top of the page to make any further selections and then click New Filter Search.
  • To view results for another part you included in this search on the same vehicle, select the next part from drop-down box in the top left corner and click Search Next Part.

What is the benefit of searching with a VIN instead of by make and model?
Car-Part Pro utilizes our exclusive SmartVin™ technology to make your part searches more accurate, quicker, and easier by eliminating interchange questions for you. With SmartVin, Car-Part Pro recognizes many vehicle attributes directly from the VIN, reducing the number of choices you have to choose from on the part selection screen (or eliminating this screen for you altogether!).

Do prices include the service level information I selected in the search?
Yes! The price listed includes the warranty and local delivery you specified on your Car-Part Pro search screen, unless otherwise highlighted in red in the part description.

Why did my drop-down box turn red?
If you have selected a sort preference that is inconsistent with your other filters (e.g., you selected Ignore Delivery but then selected Delivery Time as your sort preference), we will select a new sort preference for you. You do not need to do anything else to complete your search; the red merely serves to alert you that we have chosen a more appropriate sort option for you.

What is Live Service?
The Live Service link allows you to communicate with the seller via instant messaging to discuss service issues or ask questions about the part. You can use Live Service to request more information, confirm a purchase, discuss delivery, or arrange a pick-up. When you click Live Service, information about the service levels you selected and the part you are interested in will be automatically sent to the seller. We recommend that you use Live Service to contact sellers, both because it is a faster way to communicate and because you can then copy and save a record of your conversations.

What is a search profile?
A search profile is a saved set of preferences for your searches. By saving your search profiles, you save yourself the hassle of specifying your search criteria every time you perform a search.

How do I create a new search profile?
From the main search page, click My Settings in the top right corner. Once you are in your account, click the Pro Search Profiles tab, where you can edit existing profiles or create new ones.

How can I be confident that I am choosing a good part from a reputable seller?
When you are looking at your results page, there are two places you can look to learn more about the quality of the seller and the specific part you are looking at. First, the Part Grade column will give you information about the quality of this specific part. Second, in the Dealer Info column, look for a gold, silver, or bronze CP star. These certifications are awarded to sellers by, based on this seller's policies regarding warranties, refunds, shipping, delivery, pricing, and grading. In the future, user feedback will also be a factor. To learn more about a seller's specific policies, click the Services & Certifications button in the Dealer Info column.

How are parts graded?
Parts are graded by the seller according to part grading standards defined by the Automotive Recyclers Association. You can learn more about part grading definitions at the bottom of your search results page.

What does it mean if a seller is Gold, Silver, or Bronze certified?
Car-Part reviews the business practices of every seller who participates in Car-Part Pro. When a seller meets minimum standards for warranty, refund, shipping, delivery, pricing, and grading policies, they are assigned the appropriate certifications. For more information about the certifications, click here to see the certification requirements.

What is the difference between actual and undamaged pricing?
Most sellers use actual pricing. An actual price is the price a seller will charge you for a part. This means that the part has already been discounted based on any damage. If a seller uses actual pricing and you are putting a damaged part on an estimate, you should add repair time for the damage to the cost of the part because the seller expects to get the full price shown in the Car-Part Pro search results.

An undamaged price is what the seller estimates the final cost of this part will be, including any necessary repairs. Undamaged pricing means that the price you see may be discounted further by the seller after taking the damage into account. If there is damage on a part that has an undamaged price, you should contact the seller to discuss any charge you feel you need to make to the seller to repair the damage.

My model is not listed in the search (e.g., Oldsmobile 98). Where can I find it?
If the make is listed but the model is not, search using [Make] Other (e.g., Oldsmobile Other). Look for your model in the seller's description.

I made a Delivery Days selection, and now my search yields no results. What can I do?
Car-Part Pro provides information about local delivery, and does not include information about sellers who can ship you the part. If there are no sellers who can deliver the part to you themselves by your selected date, no results will show. We recommend that you change your delivery selection to Ignore Delivery. When you find a part that fits the rest of your requirements, contact the seller with the Live Service link to inquire about available shipping options.

Why do some parts have "$Call" listed in the Price column?
Although believes it is better to display a price you can make an informed decision, some sellers prefer only to let you know that the part is available so that you can contact them to discuss pricing.

Can I filter out parts with "$Call" listed in the Price column?
At this time, the standard Car-Part Pro search does not allow you to filter out only $Call parts; however, when you are performing your search you may specify only Actual or Undamaged pricing from the Price Type drop-down menu. This will limit your results to parts with only Actual or Undamaged pricing, which will leave out any parts with no price information (i.e., $Call).

If you are interested in filtering out $Call parts, please contact us online or by phone (859-344-1925).

The seller's description includes the term "as-is." What does that mean for me?
For this particular part, the seller has decided not to include the warranty that you have selected. This part is sold as-is and no warranty or return policy is available. Please use Live Service to contact the seller for further details.

There is a red message in the Description column on my search results screen. What does this mean?
A red message appears after a part description in the Description column if there is additional information you need to know about this specific part. Possible message are:
  • Seller only delivers to part of this ZIP code. (The seller doesn't deliver to the whole zip code you specified in your search; please click Live Service to contact seller for details.)
  • Certain restrictions or conditions apply to this delivery. Please click Live Service to contact seller for details.
  • Your part does not meet the $150 minimum order requirement for free delivery. (If you place an order under the minimum, you may be charged additional delivery fees; please click Live Service to contact the seller for details.)

I am a recycler. How can I include my parts in Car-Part Pro?
Please contact your sales rep directly for more information.

I have a question that is not answered here. What do I do?
On your search results page, click the Live Pro Support button at the top of the page to be connected to a representative. Online support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00am—8:00pm Eastern.

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